Ruins of Ancient Alien Civilization Found on Mars

Ruins of Ancient Alien Civilization Found on Mars


Four billion years ago while the earth was still a smoldering volcanic mass it’s celestial neighbor Mars was warm, wet, had an atmosphere and possibly harbored life… quite possibly intelligent life. In September of 2011 NASA launched the Curiosity rover with the mission to traverse the red planet gathering data on its chemical makeup and to search for traces of microbial life, among other data sets. When the rovers signals were received and the data gathered analyzed scientist found their long held beliefs on the evolution of the red planet forever changed.img_1119    What Curiosity also returned from the surface were high resolution images from the rovers cameras. Contained within the photographs of vast open expanses, rolling Martian plains and towering peaks, Curiosities images contained something else, something unexpected… the possible proof of an ancient Martian civilization.

Stylized sculpted head of what is commonly known as alien Grey
Artificial curves and geometric shapes

Since the first bits of data began streaming back to earth there have been those who have claimed the images contain signs of past ancient civilizations, unimaginably ancient and eroded ruins of structures, technology and in some cases the Martians themselves. I became interested in these alleged extraterrestrial structures by my curiosity for the subject at large. I am intriqued by the idea of ancient and current visitors from civilizations throughout the cosmos but I did not believe there was any real credence to the so-called artifacts that were being touted by digital relic hunters millions of miles away from Mars. But as I looked at image after image of objects that were extremely vague, slightly resembled or were most likely pareidolia, I began to look around these objects and began to notice objects that were out of place. So I went to the source, NASA’s JPL raw images database, and began searching hundreds of images for anomolis objects. I would look for a objects that had unnaturally looking angles, interesting shapes, sizes, placement, etc. img_1121Anything that looked out of place, had geometric angles or a seeming “worked” look to it all the while trying to avoid anything that resembled a face (that being an easy image to “see” since our brains are hard wired to recognize faces). As I scanned the images I began to find more and more objects that seemed artificial. I began to see what I believe is the remains of an ancient advanced culture that once flourished on mars. I think that the evidence we seek is actually right in front of us, we just needed to look past the hundreds of thousands, possibly millions of years of erosion and degradation to see the pieces for what they are and begin to put the puzzle together.
I will begin posting images from the NASA JPL raw image gallery from Curiosity rovers cameras both highlighted and untouched along with the link to the original images that I believe hold the clues the history of Mars and quite possibly the history of the human race. I am sure some of the objects that I highlight are not artificial, not of alien origin and surely I have fallen victim to pareidolia. But, if only one of the objects is artificial, only one made by the hands of a being not from this Earth then we finally have an answer to one of the greatest questions in the history of humanity while creating countless more.

Artificial looking shapes and triangle shaped rock with strange hole.
Could this be a giant Olmec head and a broken  sarcophagus with skeleton exposed?

Image source:


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